Jess for President, 2014!

I was reminded the other day in my poli sci class that I'm old enough to run for the House of Representatives. Can you imagine my campaign? I'm an atheistic woman (either of those things being enough to disqualify me before I even get started.) I'm also childfree, unmarried, served in the military and I'm pursuing a career in the "evil liberal media." I was thinking about my campaign, should I run for President in 8 years. Screw Hillary (freaking carpetbagger) and vote for Jess!

I would immediately gather the smartest war strategists together and form an exit plan for Iraq. I would repeal all the legislation taking rights and money away from our vets and veteran's hospitals. I would send this entire administration over there to apologise and help clean up. When they're assassinated I would send flowers to their funerals.

I believe in global warming, and would immediately resign and ratify the Kyoto Treaty. (Cause, let's admit it, if I was ever elected I think the entire Congress would be democrat) I would support legislation to raise milage requirements on all cars bought or sold in the U.S., and I would take away many of the subsidies that support the oil industry. I would scale down the funding given to the defense department and funnel some of that money into research on alternative transportation, including hybrid and electric cars. I would propose tax breaks be given to people to use alternative energy sources to heat and cool their homes. I would propose regulations be written to require a certain amount of insulation in newly built homes.

I believe in women's right to control their own bodies. I would bitch slap the reps from South Dakota until they repealed that law (I realize that was a state law, but I don't care. It pissed me off.) I would require that insurance companies who fund erectile disfunction medication to also fund birth control. I would immediately support the dismantling of the so-called "abstinence education" programs across the U.S. and replace them with real education, appropriate to grade level. I would funnel more of the money from the defense budget to organizations like planned parenthood. (You guys know that we spend more on defense than the next 12 countries COMBINED, right?)

I would remind various states about the full faith and credit clause and threaten to take away the right to divorce until they allow gays to marriage, because if anything ruins the "sanctity of marriage" it's paper towel divorce proceedings.

I would support affirmative action campaigns toward all those who are disadvantaged, including women in the sciences and minorities.

I would rebuild the wall between church and state, repeal funding to faith-based organizations, and support education campaigns to explain to the American public what a deist is, and why the majority of our founding fathers could be defined as such.

I would kick out every single lobbyist from both the House and the Senate, and remind the reps that they are beholden to their constiguents, not to business interests. I would support term limits and penalize reps and senators who spend more time campaigning than doing their jobs. I would require that every pay raise the Senate gives themselves be matched with a raise in the minimum wage and military salary, retroactive 10 years.

While I'm at it, I would start a campaign to ratify the Constitution. I would get rid of the Electoral College, change the government from a plurality to proportional. More third parties!

More of that bloated defense budget would go toward public school reform. I liked the idea that they had in Vermont-instead of property taxes going to support schools in particular districts, it goes into a pot and every school in the state receives the same amount. It is absurd that we have schools like Lake Forest High School and North Chicago High School. They're less than 10 miles from each other and aeons apart in quality of education. Every child deserves the same opportunities in education. I would also refund financial aid for colleges like the Pell grant and freeze university tuition hikes. There is no reason someone should spend $40,000 on a single year at college, I don't care what your diploma says.

So, there's a lot more, but those are the major points. You think I should give Ralph Nader a call? I don't think the DNC would touch me with a long stick.
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Ok...Lots of Random Things Everyone Should Know About Jess. V.2.0

1) She's left-handed. This explains an awful lot about me. If you look at the little lefty books, at the tendencies...that's all me.
2) She's very opinionated
3) I'm a 26-year-old junior in college
4) When I get really drunk, I wander. My friends once locked me in my bedroom so I wouldn't leave and I climbed out my window and walked to the Circle K.
5) I love my Mac. Seriously. I get grumpy when I have to use a PC.
6) I have a problem with authority. Actually, it’s more that I have issues recognizing that some people have authority over me. This didn’t go over particularly well while I was in the Navy.
7) I don't really like children. I especially hate screeching children. They make me violent. As a result of this...
8) It is my goal to be sterilized as soon as humanly possible
9) I enjoy changing tense for no apparent reason. Jess is Bob Dole. (Jess also likes making random jokes that nobody else gets.)
10) I crack myself up...far too often
11) I tend to overanalyze things for my sole enjoyment
12) I have green eyes
13) I'm short. Eventually, I will get over this, but for right now I'm waiting for the deity to realize that she overlooked me and make me 5'7"
14) I love to write
15) I hope to eventually be a political correspondent in D.C. I want to root out corruption and win a Pulitzer!
16) I'm a wee bit idealistic
17) I've been dating my boyfriend for about a year and a half now. This is my longest relationship ever.
18) I've been working at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for the past two summers.
19) My boyfriend says I'm ornery.
20) I’m completely tactless. It isn’t so much that I don’t know what tact is, I just equate it with lying and don’t see the point.
21) I have a television, but I don't get any channels. This is by choice, if I'm going to sit in front of a little box all night I would rather it be my computer.
22) I read voraciously. Pretty much anything you put in front of me. I've also been known to forego sleep in order to finish a book
23) I LOVE to sleep. I look forward to the weekends mainly because I can sleep as late as I want.
24) I am a cat person. Unfortunately my apartment won't let me have a cat. I had a cat, and then I had to get rid of her. :(
25) I love my car. I have a 2000 Saturn SL1 and I have been known to yell "SATURN!!" and wave madly at other Saturn drivers.
26) I really fucking hate George W. Bush.
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I am in the process of making my LJ friends-only. While there are still many entries that I have not yet edited, all the ones from this post forward will be. If you would like to add me to your friends list, let me know by commenting here, and I will look over your journal. If I like what I see, welcome! I think that I write interesting things. I am very opinionated and enjoy stirring controversy. With that said, I am also very picky. I have found as I get older (and I'm not what you might call old) that I have less and less patience with the younger generation. If you cannot write in full sentences or words, I will not add you. If I have to employ the use of a translator, I will not add you. If your journal is solely made up of quizzes, I will not add you. If you speak in hacker speak, I will not add you.
I look at my LJ friends as if they were my friends IRL. Almost all of them are on my AIM buddies list. Every one of them would have a place to stay if they were travelling through my area. I look forward to and enjoy reading their entries.
I enjoy surrounding myself with intelligent people who provoke interesting discussions. If you feel that description fits you, welcome. If not, go spy on someone else's life.